5 Reasons To Hire Local Roofing Companies For Spring Maintenance

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5 Reasons To Hire Local Roofing Companies For Spring Maintenance

A harsh winter takes its toll on your roof and you need some maintenance work when the weather begins to warm up.  The ice, snow, and wind have slowly been impacting on the roof and you don’t want to take chances and assume that everything is okay.  Doing spring maintenance helps restore the roof in prime shape allowing it to perform better and last longer.  Some of the maintenance work can be done by yourself, however, others especially those requiring you to go up the roof require professional local roofing companies to handle them.  Here are the reasons you want to hire a roofer for the maintenance work:

1.      Inspect the Shingles

The winter season may have caused the shingles to curl, loosen, or be damaged.  If you find that shingles of the home are lose or curled and damaged, a replacement is needed.  Also, the local roofer will check to see if there are nails popping out so that they are hammered down.  If the shingles look old and worn out, a replacement of the roof may be needed based on the nature of damage and the age of the roof.

2.      Clean The Gutters

The gutters help direct water to the drain system from the roof.  With the cold weather, a lot may have happened and the gutters could be littered with debris that may block water from flowing.  To help ensure that the downspouts and eavestroughs are safely running water, the gutters have to be cleaned.  You may need to use a ladder to climb up the wall to reach the gutter and for most people, they may not have the safety at height skills, which means a professional roofer is the best-placed person to take up the task.  The cleaning of gutters after winter helps prepare them for the spring showers and prevent roof leaks.

3.      Inspect The Flashing

The flashing on the chimney, skylights, dormer walls, and roof slopes can become damaged.  When the winter subsides, you need to examine the flashing to ensure they are working properly.  If the caulking is cracked, it needs to be redone.  If you notice rust spots within the flashing, you also need to consider replacement of the flashing in order to prevent water damage.

4.      Check For Ice Dam Damage

The roof may have been leaking during winter and you don’t want the spring showers to worsen the problem of water damage.  Inspecting the roof of water damage helps you make the necessary roof repair.  During winter, snow melts from the roof and creates ice dams.  The ice building up may enter the shingles causing damage to ceiling, insulation, and walls.

5.      Check the Soffit and Fascia

A roofer will need to check the fascia and soffit for any holes, soft spots or damages.  These components are essential for the health of the roof and when you don’t check them during spring roof maintenance, you may comprise the performance of the roof.

Local roofing companies will look at the problems and see how far they have gone to determine whether a replacement is needed or just a repair.