Welcome to the Boston Manor

Boston Manor is an upscale billiard hall, entertainment and the #1 Live Music Complex located in beautiful Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
The Boston Manor is a stylish intimate live music venue in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe, half way between Toronto, and Niagara Falls.  We pride ourselves in being the #1 venue for live music and host to some of the best international musical stars. Our food is world class, and we’re a great place to let your hair down, and party the night away.
The Boston Manor is home to the Canadian Pool Players Association, and some of the finest billiard tables around.
For additional information, contact Rob at (905) 637-1984

Hours of operation
Monday to Thursday 12 noon till 1230 am
Friday and Saturday 12 noon till 2am
Sunday 12 noon till midnight
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